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The Clean CSS app for chrome allows you to easily minify and compress your CSS. Then you can copy the result with a click and return back to your editor.

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Features and Additions

Features and improvements will be added in the future. I would like to have file selection and output, mass minification and merging... someday.

Clean CSS Node Module

This app uses the Clean CSS node module as it's foundation. Because of this, it is a very powerful tool.

Black Magic

Clean CSS will try to minimalize redundant code, such as 7-digit repeating hex codes or property: 0 0 0 0; statements.

Prism Js

I've used Prism Js for the syntax highlighting with the okaidia theme. With only slight modifications so it works better as a Chrome app.

Chrome App

Because this is a Chrome App it will run in Chrome/Chromium on any desktop operating system.


If you find anything strange or you find errors in any way, please create an issue on Github. That way I can easily track it and observe any changes. Or open a pull request!