jQuery.doodal.js is a very simplistic modal plugin for jQuery. It has custom events, allows stacking, and is powered by CSS transitions.

Look at your console to see the events firing!

View the project on Github.

Demo Modals


Instatiate a new doodal. Those are all the default options so in this specific example I am not actually overwriting anything.

      type: 'modal',
      closeclass: '.doodal-close',
      trueclass: '.doodal-true',
      falseclass: '.doodal-false',
      showclass: 'showing',
      escape: true
escape: true binds the escape key to closing. This does not work well with multiple/stacked modals.

Now trigger an open to see it:


Custom Events

Alert Style Modal

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Confirm Style Modal

With a custom transition

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